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Professional Cleaners Serving Vancouver


At A-1 House Cleaning, your satisfaction is guaranteed due to our professionalism, attention to detail and approachable nature. Below are detailed lists of the cleaning services we offer our residential and commercial customers in the Vancouver/West End areas. We also provide special move-in/move-out services upon request.


If you don’t see the service you’re looking for listed, please call us, as we follow customer requests and will provide the best possible individualized cleaning services for you. Please feel free to also check out our Yelp page!


Bedroom Cleaning


In the bedroom, we do the following with care:

  • Clean and dust furniture and items

  • Clean mirror and picture frames

  • Clean window sills and light switches

  • Vacuum room/baseboards and mop floor

  • Change sheets and make beds


Living Room/Dining Room/Hallways Cleaning


In the living room, dining room and hallways, we do the following with care:

  • Vacuum the rooms/baseboards and mop floors

  • Clean and polish all furniture and mirrors

  • Clean and dust the front and back of electronic equipment

  • Clean and dust all picture frames

  • Clean window sills


Bathroom Cleaning


In the bathroom, we do the following with care:

  • Vacuum room and baseboards

  • Clean all outside cabinets and door knobs

  • Clean all mirrors and light switches

  • Mop floors, clean ceiling fans and remove cobwebs

  • Clean all shower glass door and tiles

  • Scrub and disinfect the bathtub

  • Clean and disinfect the toilet

  • Clean window sills and scrub and disinfect sink

  • Polish all chrome and metal faucets


Kitchen Cleaning


In the kitchen, we do the following with care:

  • Clean the outside/inside/under/behind of the refrigerator

  • Clean appliances and light switches

  • Disinfect and scrub the sink and polish faucets

  • Clean and dust the outside of cabinets and door knobs

  • Clean all counter tops and empty garbage

  • Clean the stove top and outside/inside of the oven

  • Clean outside/inside of the microwave

  • Vacuum and mop floors

  • Wipe doors and windows


Things we do not do:

  • Tidying


Bi-Weekly & Monthly Service Available

We’ll clean your home/business from top to bottom

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